Rescuing dogs in need means more than baths, vaccinations, spays or neuters. And, it certainly means more than rows of cages housing unwanted dogs with uncertain futures.
We are a 501 C3 nonprofit all-volunteer organization. It starts with the rescue. Then, we rely on our dedicated veterinarians and fosters to provide the quality care, loving attention and positive training each dog deserves. All of our dogs receive complete veterinarian care and a permanent identification tag. The adoption fee allows us to cover our veterinary expenses. We do not euthanize any dog, except in extreme cases of suffering. Our dogs remain in foster homes until they are adopted. We do not have a shelter.
As a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization, we rely completely on donations to raise the money it takes to rescue, rehabilitate and care for the dogs in our program. Your generous contribution can make a difference for animals today! Raising funds is a key issue, and any help is appreciated!

ANY amount will make a big difference in the lives of PUP dogs, by continuing to allow us to help homeless animals receive: food, shelter, and vet care until a forever home can be found.

Payments are processed through

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